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well lit solution 

for your work place.

Just as important, if not more, automating the lighting system for your office or restaurant requires powerful lightsource. Supernova 1200, with its minimum 1200 lumens brightness, it's the only solution for you.


E27 1200 lumens ultrabulb

supernova 1200

Finally, a smartbulb that is more than just a mood light!

Supernova 1200.1074.png

Most smartbulbs in the market claims to be the ultimate solutions for your smart home, however, anyone who's ever installed them can tell you, they don't serve the basic function of lighting up an environment.


Light changes to your bio-rhythm

cycle 2.png
cycle 1.png
Supernova 1200.1105.png

One of the many useful features of Supernova smartbulb is its ability to change color according to the time of the day, matching your bio-rhythm. From Cool White in the morning for concentration to Warm White in the afternoon for a relaxful mood.


"Hey Google, Turn on the Lights in My Room!"

Add Supernova 1200 into your Google Home, and enjoy the handsfree convenience of turning the lights on and off using only your voice.

Supernova 1200 also supports Amazon Alexa.


turn on your lights remotely

Did you forget to turn off the lights? Or perhaps you want to make sure the lights are on before you get home. Supernova 1200 is able to be accessed remotely as long

as there is WiFi at home.

supernova 1200 Specifications

Supernova 1200.1074.png
okiden logo 3.png

change light color to your biorhythm

Auto adjust color-temperature to fit the current time and mood. Cooler whites in the morning, warmer white at night.

okiden logo 2.png

set schedule to turn  lights on and off 

Program your Smartbulb to turn on and off during a particular time everyday or just a specified date.

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voice control via google assistant

Power on/off, adjust brightness or change the color of Supernova 1200 with your voice, using Google Home or Amazon Aleza.

okiden logo 1.png

remote access using your smartphone

Turn your smartbulb on or off away from home using your smartphone, even while you are on vacation!



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